Remember when we all thought that the internet would...

• Eliminate sales teams?
• Exterminate cold calling?
• Drive out 3-D "junk mail" forever?
• Kill off live events and seminars?

It was all going to be digital this and digital that. Sell an ebook, upsell to a video training course, then upsell to a monthly subscription. No sales people. No cold calling. Just point, click, order. Done. The internet utopia. Funny thing about that... When everybody rushes to one form of advertising, it drives up the price of that advertising. Getting profitable clicks on Google AdWords and other online advertising has become more puzzling than a Rubik's Cube.

When everything is digital it's easy to pirate and distribute...and its value goes WAY down. Just ask any musician. Or any info marketer who's been around for a decade. So, more and more online marketers have been sneaking back into "old school" methods.

  • Hiring more sales people
  • Sending more direct mail
  • Putting on more live seminars
  • Doing more personal coaching

Yes, even cold-calling is coming back! Now that everybody is on the internet, what are you doing to compete? And this business has always been ahead of the curve. They help their affiliates with hired-gun phone sales people to close deals...they send direct mail to prospects...they put on lavish live mastermind meetings and seminars...they give you a personal coach to get you started on the right track.

All the "old school" methods that online marketers are beginning to rediscover have been standard practice in this business since the beginning. When you're ready to start your own online business, go with a company that doesn't follow trends...but sets them...

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